Dickinson Displays Indoor Plants


G. R. P.
(Glass Reinforced Plastic) Hand made in the uk, they are lightweight, robust and water tight: It is the most versatile planter offered in a huge range of colours designs and finishes. Most natural finishes are produced in replica from G.R.P: for example the look of ceramic, without the heaviness and fragility of real pottery, Lead without the immense weight, and contemporary styles in vibrant colours.
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Polished or brushed Stainless steel, Spun aluminium and galvanised steel. Different qualities are available from imported to British stainless steel. Metal plant containers may need to be lined to stop any possible corrosion.
Office Plants
Plastic and Synthetic
From the sleek designs of the Lechuza to the practical options of the Rotomoulded
Office Plants
Needs to be varnished or stained and lined to make the planter watertight.
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