Dickinson Displays Indoor Plants

Plant Types

Artificial Plants
Sometimes the lighting and atmosphere are not suitable for live planting so artificial plants are the answer. From mast produced quality planting sourced from China to bespoke hand built planting made in the U.K. Natural wood are used for the trunks and branching, the foliage is either made from very realistic fabric or preserved foliage.
Office Plants
What is Preserved Foliage
Preserved foliage is a very special process using real plants replacing the natural sap with a glycerine solution and adding natural food dyes to enhance the colours. The preserved foliage feels looks and even smells like fresh foliage. This type of foliage is not suitable for humid environments for example swimming pools and in external areas, as leaking of the glycerine may occur.
Fire Retardent foliage if required, will meet British standards and certificate can be provided.
Office Plants

Health Benefits of Plants

So why have plants in the work place?
They create an individual working environment and bring colour into the room. They give a feeling of well-being and create a live atmosphere; they are beneficial for a positive mood and help to overcome stress.
In many workplaces the air is too dry and contains harmful substances which can cause health problems. Common complaints are a dry throat, headache, dizziness, fatigue and irritated eyes. Placing air-purifying plants can reduce these health complaints significantly. Plants release moisture into the air, absorb heat and noise, and absorb and break down harmful substances.

Sourced from http://www.plants-for-people.org and http://www.healthygreenatwork.org